Why do we need to be taught how to potty train our puppies?

Posted January 13th, 2014 by NinaWarriorPiglet

It’s funny, you know.  I grew up with a dog until I was 8yrs old, but potty training was never something we had to do with our dog. Yet ever since my husband & I brought home our dogs, we’ve been constantly trying to potty train them!  Why the difference? – you might ask.  Well tonight I started wondering the same thing & the realisation I’ve come to, is really quite simple – when I was a child (and I’m from generation X) dogs were pretty much always kept outside.  There was none of this dog inside the house kind of thing going on & certainly no dogs sleeping in a bed with people … & definitely no doggies being carried around in a handbag!

So, you see, there never used to be any need to train your dog to do his business outside, because he was never inside!  This whole potty training business is not something we, as children, grew up knowing how to do – so don’t feel guilty or inept like I did, if you’re struggling to teach your puppy or dog to do their number ones & twos outside in an appropriate area.  We’re not supposed to just automatically know how to train our dogs; we need to be taught how to teach them!